Industries Served

China IP lawyer

Our Firm is well known in China for its strength in areas across a wide range of technologies, including software, electronics, biotechnology, biomedical devices, pharmaceutical and polymer chemistry, materials science, optics, acoustics and in non-technical areas, such as business methods and designs.  

Our IP lawyer's experience in various industries

Whether a company is well established and pursuing a new invention or product line in China, or is in the early stages of evaluating technology and developing its business, our China IP lawyer has extensive experience with assisting companies in overcoming IP challenges at all stages of development.

Our Firm’s credentials and experience in patent preparation and prosecution also translate into a strong resource for its litigation, IP business management and IP counseling activities for international clients having business presence in china.

Our Firm attorneys have technical backgrounds in every major technology area. Many of our attorneys have advanced degrees or work experience in our clients' industries, which helps us understand our clients' businesses. The combination of our technical knowledge and deep experience in intellectual property law provides us an advantage few other firms can match. 

Complimented by advanced degrees and years of experience in the marketplace, our Firm IP attorneys are uniquely qualified to handle legal disputes that arise in multiple industry sectors and related practice areas. Our counselors know their industries, and work closely with each other and our clients in teams, applying the timeless principles of participation, collaboration, integration and creativity.

Having represented the world’s leading companies or international startup business in such diverse areas as software and electronics, pharmaceuticals, communications, semiconductor manufacturing, medical devices, direct marketing and auto racing, our industry breadth is both wide ranging and narrowly focused.

Our IP lawyer's industry experience:

  • Biotechnology 
  • Chemical 
  • Clean and Green Technology 
  • Communications 
  • Electronic and Information Technology 
  • Entertainment and Sports
  • Financial Services 
  • High Technologies 
  • Internet and Domain Names
  • Life Sciences
  • Medical Devices and Instrumentation 
  • Nanotechnology
  • Pharmaceuticals

Among above mentioned industries, this China IP Law Firm Intellectual property law services include:

◾Patent procurement (prosecution)

◾Early stage patentability assessments

◾Validity, infringement and freedom-to-operate opinions

◾Due diligence inquiries

◾Asset transfer

◾Portfolio evaluation in connection with insuring of royalty streams, bankruptcies, and other transactions

◾Trademark/service mark registrability

◾Clearance opinions

◾ Foreign filing strategy and coordination/oversight

Consult our English speaking China IP lawyers who having various industrial experiences for free preliminary consultation. China IP lawyer reminds you that the law discussed above may change over time and may not apply to current situation when you read this website.