Why Choose Us

Why choose China IP Lawyer

This China intellectual property law firm boasts the best and the brightest because intellectual property law requires considerable intellect. 

Your innovations are the cornerstone of your business. The team at our Firm is dedicated to helping you protect the investment you have made in developing your intellectual property.

We understand our clients' intellectual property needs

We understand you have many professionals to turn to for assistance researching or securing a patent. The team at our Firm has decades of collective experience in patent research and prosecution, making us uniquely qualified to support your ideas and protect your creative work. We apply this knowledge and our technical educations to fully support, protect, and defend your creative work.

A Technology-Focused Perspective

Our team members have not just legal degrees, but also advanced degrees in engineering and other technical fields.  Backgrounds in science and technology make it easy for our team to understand your invention and move forward with effective patent research and prosecution.

Client Testimonial

Lawyer Peter Zhu has handled numerous IP litigation for my various companies over the past decade. Some cases involved patent or design infringement, while others involved trademark, trade dress, copyright and contract disputes. I trust Peter implicitly. In each case, China lawyer Peter did a great job and produced very favorable results.!

Dr. Swan CEO

But our strong technical backgrounds are only part of our story.

Our firm is technology-focused and ready to help you move forward with your creative ideas. We pride ourselves on our integrity and tenacity.  We work hard to provide results on time and on budget that exceed expectations.

We Value What Our Clients' Value Is Vested

Our shareholders and patent attorneys hold technical degrees, often with work experience prior to their legal education, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, biomedical engineering, chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, civil engineering, physics, chemical engineering or biology. We pride ourselves as being the IP leader when it comes to technical training and breadth of knowledge.

  • We foster a low turnover environment that encourages career longevity
  • We provide our associates with rigorous training through our Patent Prosecution Training Program
  • Work with attorneys who have decades of years combined IP experience 
  • Work with a client-focused IP law firm that doesn’t overstaff, but looks to create strategically planned and implemented projects that are not passed around from attorney to attorney

Intellectual property comprises the intangible, yet valuable tools, products, processes, ideas, and creations of an individual or company that give the individual or company a competitive edge in business. It includes logos, company names, artwork, advertising, brochures, Web sites, trade secrets, inventions, machines, processes, and devices. How is our process different from other intellectual property law firms?

We start by taking the time to understand our clients as people:

  •     The client’s goals, personally and professionally
  •     The client’s values
  •     The client’s intentions (if we don’t understand where you want to go, how can we help you get there?)
  •     The client’s business
  •     The position of the client’s business in the marketplace
  •     The obstacles the client anticipates in the process of achieving his or her goals and the impact of those obstacles on the client’s income and quality of life;
  •     And finally the legal issues not just in connection of patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

Quality Representation

As a boutique firm focused on patent research and prosecution, our Firm provides unparalleled client services. We promise focused attention on your patent research or patent application and will put our decades of experience to work to provide meaningful results on time and on budget.  Call today to learn more. We look forward to working with you.