China patent Lawyer

Patents are granted to inventors for new and useful machines, processes, manufactures, and compositions of matter. In China, a patent owner has the exclusive right to make, use, and sell the patented item for as long as twenty years from the date of the patent application, if granted.

Our China patent law firm's patent practice

Part of the purpose of the patent system is to promote science and general public knowledge. Accordingly, the concept is to encourage inventors to reveal their secret inventions so that the public will benefit from the knowledge and have an opportunity to build upon that knowledge. In return, the inventor receives a temporary monopoly over the invention, which is enforced by China government.

Our Firm has earned a solid reputation for performing patent procurement with the highest quality standards for its clients.  Our clients range from individual inventors to Fortune 500 Companies.  We obtain patent protection in every technology imaginable including  nanotechnology, biotechnology, chemistry, electronics, software and computer architecture and complex mechanical technologies, just to name a few.

Our Firm understands that a patent does not provide value to a client unless it meets the clients' business objectives.  Whether these objectives include developing an exclusive marketing position, building a licensing portfolio, obtaining a negotiating chip or a combination of these goals, they have a common theme: creating a competitive advantage.

Prior to undertaking preparation of a patent application, our professionals work with the client to learn the client’s commercial environment and develop a tailored procurement strategy.  Our Firm attorneys often participate in client patent review meetings to maintain perspective of the client’s overall business and ensure the tailored strategy remains consistent with corporate objectives. 

Our attorneys remain versed in the ever-evolving China and foreign procedures, including: reissues interferences, ex parte reexaminations, inter parte reexaminations and oppositions, and advising clients on how such procedures can be incorporated into a comprehensive strategy.  

Each developed strategy is used to guide all phases of patent procurement, from searching strategy, specification and claim drafting, and negotiating with the Patent Office.  During prosecution of the patent application, we maintain a dialog with the client to confirm that the claims continue to have value in view of the ever-changing business environment. 

With such cooperative efforts, Our Firm strives to help clients protect their innovations through patents that can be used to create market barriers for competitors, establish royalty streams or provide the client with negotiating leverage.

Our patents protection practice includes below areas:

  •  Patent Counseling
  •  Portfolio Management
  •  Patent Transactions & Licensing
  •  Patent Protection
  •  Patent Due Diligence
  •  Third-Party Patent Submissions
  •  Patent Infringement Defense
  •  Patent Reexamination
  •  Patent Post-Grant Review
  •  Non-infringement opinion

To learn more about patents, or to proceed with a patent application, please contact the Firm by e-mail or telephone. We look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you.