Patent Protection

China patent protection
China patent protection

A patent is a monopoly right granted by a national or regional patent office to an inventor who has created something new, useful and non-obvious; e.g. an innovation in the pharmaceutical sector that results in a new headache pill or a new technology used in computer hardware. Obtaining a patent to cover an invention or new technology enables its creator to prevent others from using, selling, manufacturing or otherwise copying the innovation without permission for a limited period (generally 20 years, subject to the payment of maintenance fees). In return, the patent owner discloses details of the innovation behind the invention as part of the patent application, thereby ensuring that the technology enters into the public domain where it can be used freely once the patent expires.

This is a basic introduction to patents and the patenting process. For details on Our Firm’s specific patent services, including patent drafting, prior art searching, European and international filing strategies and litigation support, click our patent services overview page. Contact one of our attorneys or to review their expertise in your sector.

By providing the patent owner with a legal means to prevent others from exploiting the protected invention, patents provide a crucial method for inventors to obtain a return on the investment in research and development that led to the creation of that new technology. In general, patents will also help to prompt further innovation in the sector, as rival companies seek to develop their own solutions or technology to retain their competitive edge.

Experience and Technological Know-How Working to Protect Your Interests

A key element to effective patent protection is writing patent claims that define the invention as broadly as possible in China, but without overlapping prior art that could make the patent invalid. This is generally best done by someone with skill and experience in patent practice, so consulting with a patent attorney is a wise choice. 

Our intellectual property attorneys are experienced in key technical disciplines, with many holding degrees in computer and software engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and aerospace engineering.

Working from a broad base of experience, our patent attorneys counsel clients in a range of industries. From long-standing products and technologies to the latest business-critical products or processes, prosecuting, maintaining, asserting and defending patents impacts virtually every aspect of your business. Developing a forward-thinking patent strategy through product development, patent procurement, due diligence and market analysis is essential to long-term business success.

To achieve your goals, you need an integrated law firm with the ability to understand and guide you through your business and technology strategies, and the capacity to enforce those rights in court. Holland & Knight has both the experience and perspective necessary to understand and support your business goals and strategies.

Representing a Broad Range of Clients to protect their patent

Our team represents foreign and domestic clients of all sizes in a wide range of technologies, including:

  •  computer and software  
  •  medical devices  
  •  pharmaceuticals  
  •  biotechnology  
  •  chemistry-related innovations  
  •  electronics and electrical devices  
  •  mechanical devices  
  •  food and flavors  
  •  electromechanical devices 

Recognizing the increasing importance of software and the unprecedented speed of new technological development, our Firm's patent attorneys quickly work to secure our clients' interests on a broad basis, creating strong patent portfolios to leverage in the marketplace. We obtain comprehensive patents and patent families, securing both design as well as utility patents when appropriate.

You can find out more about Our Firm’s patent services and the processes for obtaining, maintaining and enforcing patent rights using the links above. Alternatively, contact our customer support team, using the contact form at the top right of this page.