Trademark anti-counterfeiting enforcement

Trademark anti-counterfeiting
Trademark anti-counterfeiting

Counterfeit goods from China present significant and growing challenges for brand owners in the global economy. Trademark and copyright infringement occurs worldwide in both mature and emerging markets, specially in China. Our China trademark lawyers provide legal strategies and enforcement efforts that provide worldwide brand protection. Whether you are a small or large company, our attorneys understand your business needs and will develop an efficient, affordable and effective program for protecting your brand from counterfeiters in China.

Our China trademark lawyer is highly skilled in tracking down and punishing the manufacturers of counterfeit goods and those who knowingly market them.

Trademark anti-counterfeiting enforcement practice of our law firm

Our lawyer has a long track record of successfully working with law enforcement agencies and investigators around the world to conduct raids that have resulted in the seizure of hundreds of thousands of counterfeit products.

Our attorneys have significant experience litigating against counterfeiters, and our investigations and legal actions have resulted in many favorable financial settlements for our clients.

Our China trademark lawyer legal services relating to counterfeiting include:

Online enforcement

Today’s online channels are the perfect ‘shop window’ for the sale of counterfeit goods, from luxury items to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and even car parts. Given the boundless scope of the Internet, brand owners confront anonymous online counterfeit and grey market sellers more and more every day.

The Internet plays an increasing role in distribution of counterfeit products. Our China trademark lawyer has an industry leading legal practice group dedicated to online enforcement of intellectual property rights, and offers innovative and cost-effective counterfeit website takedown services. We are also experienced at addressing online counterfeit merchandise enforcement issues on an international basis.

Leading worldwide investigations and conducting raids to seize counterfeit merchandise

Our efforts against counterfeiters are not limited to the China. Working from our Chicago base, Our China trademark lawyer has an established international network of investigators and attorneys for identifying counterfeiters and taking legal and other enforcement actions against them. Our China trademark lawyer attorneys have organized hundreds of investigations and raids in the Unites States, China, and Europe that have resulted in the seizure of hundreds of thousands of counterfeit products.

Facilitating China and foreign customs training that results in the seizure of counterfeit products

Litigation and counseling concerning counterfeiting and brand identity is, therefore, an increasingly crucial part of a company’s business market positioning. Protecting, enforcing and defending these rights is critical to the success of every business. Our trademark attorneys handle litigation and investigations arising from counterfeiting and related claims for trademark and copyright infringement, cybersquatting, false advertising and unfair competition. Our attorneys also have extensive experience handling misappropriation of trade secrets and confidential information claims. 

We know how to use law enforcement to protect our clients against counterfeiters. Effective anti-counterfeit programs often utilize customs and law enforcement authorities around the world to enforce brand owners’ rights. Our China trademark lawyer attorneys have substantial experience working with law enforcement and customs authorities internationally to protect clients’ brands.

Litigating against counterfeiters in China Courts

We know how to punish counterfeiters in court. Effective counterfeit enforcement often includes litigation. China trademark law calls for damages of up to $3 million RMB for counterfeiting. Our China trademark lawyer has brought numerous such lawsuits in the China and has obtained significant judgments for clients.

Our attorneys have considerable experience in bringing legal action against counterfeiters. An intellectual property attorney at our firm can provide you with a thorough and exhaustive plan to help you deal with counterfeiters, involving engaging federal, state and local law enforcement agencies for criminal prosecution and pursuing counterfeiters through civil litigation in the courts.

Our China trademark lawyer stays at the forefront of the constantly evolving legal framework for counterfeit enforcement worldwide, and our attorneys are active members of leading anti-counterfeiting organizations including the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition (IACC) and International Trademark Association (INTA).

Our lawyer recognizes the grave threat that counterfeiting activity poses to direct response advertisers and product marketers, and is committed to giving you the tools to combat this global problem.