How We Work

How China IP Lawyer Work

Our Firm is an intellectual property firm operating in China serving clients from more than 20 major countries. We are experts in the field of intellectual property protection and portfolio administration.

Our global client base is highly diversified, ranging from the world’s leading innovators to ambitious self-made entrepreneurs and multinational corporations. Our expert staff will enable the comprehensive global protection of your valuable IP assets.

Our Advantage for Clients

Our approach to protecting your Intellectual Property assets is based on your unique business requirements, following a tailored  IP Strategy. When you choose Our Firm you will benefit from below we offer:

Experience and knowledgeability – Our experts have a proven track record in their respective fields. We’re a passionate, effective, reliable partner at your side to ensure intellectual property protection and rights in the global maze of IP management.

Costs – We understand business and recognize that costs associated with your IP rights may be considerable. We offer affordable fixed fees to help you manage your IP protection and management costs.

Creativity – Our knowledge of global IP laws means we can creatively serve our clients’ needs by navigating the many pitfalls and hurdles you might face in the complex environment of international IP law and protection.

Timeliness – Responsiveness and quick turnarounds are an inherent part of any successful business. Recognizing this as part of our own business practice as well as yours, we will normally respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

Simplicity and Transparency – For us, partnering also means that we speak our clients’ language and that we build both easy to understand strategies and transparent solutions.

Client Testimony

We are an American company. I highly recommend this China IP Law Firm. The law firm has always provided our company with very sound advice, along with an extremely high level of professionalism. was a great help with securing my international trademark for my business against all the odds!

- by Josi Small

Come in and explore our services. Learn what a leading intellectual property consultancy firm can do for your business. Give us a call and let us know how we can help you. Our team of attorneys and professional staff have advanced technical degrees and experience working within a wide range of industries – including computer technology, electrical components and life sciences. This blend of expertise in technology and law allows us to take a proactive approach in our services and strategic advice.

How we work with IP clients


Discuss your concerns and goals with an attorney. Our Firm can help identify issues and develop a comprehensive plan

for protecting your intellectual property and business interests, both in the near term and long term. At Our Firm, there are no insurmountable problems. Only solutions.


Our Firm will present you with a complete explanation of your options, and professional fees and government costs for each. You can then choose the option that best fits your needs, timeline, and budget.


Once you become a client at our Firm, you have a trusted advisor that you can rely on today and in the future. Our Firm is always available to help clients strategically position their intellectual property, even as their business grows and develops. Helps is always as close as your phone.


  • What is the difference between a provisional patent application and a regular patent application?
  • What are design patent applications?
  • Should you file for foreign protection?
  • Do you need a trademark?
  • How do you protect copyrights and trade secrets?

Our Firm explains what you need to know to make important decisions.


Developing, nurturing and building new ideas, inventions, advancements and applications is challenging. Shouldn’t you work with an attorney who values your ideas and wants to understand the goals for making your ideas a success?

Our clients come to us because our attorneys understand their industries and know the patent process inside and out.  Our goal is to help our clients better understand the continually changing legal landscape, to offer proactive guidance for protecting intellectual property portfolios, and to provide peace of mind that their intellectual property assets are secure. Please let us know if you need an intellectual property lawyer in China. We can definitely help you with your IP needs and strategy in Chin.